My marketing experience


02.2014 -> 03.2015
Growth Hacker (6 months)
Inbound Marketing Team Leader (6 months)

I got my first nice marketing results at AIESEC. I was leading a team of four and we did language workshops lead generation for students from local universities. In short, thanks to well defined target audience and A/B testing we reached 3000% ROI of paid channels. I created bespoke registration system which tracked signup sources and revenue in the same report, leading to detailed and easy to grasp attribution data. We were able to reliably track signups from ATL campaigns (banners and posters) and our metrics proved they were not profitable. Moreover, I completely automated signups and students group allocation, which saved about one man-month of previously manual work.


02.2015 -> 09.2015
Intern (7 months)

Later, I joined translation management company XTRF to help improve their marketing automation. During this short time I managed to implement Matomo (Piwik) analytics. I created reports of customer paths in-app to understand how they are using it everyday and find biggest chokepoints. Additionally, it helped engineering team discover how some of the app errors and exceptions occurred by tracking down user paths leading to them. I created tailored integrations of marketing automation tools with internal company systems using custom Ruby scripts and leveraging use of APIs. I co-managed company’s Wordpress site, preparing customized forms which automatically segment new prospects’ sign ups and deliver automated messages based on on-site activity.


10.2015 -> today
Online Marketing Specialist (2 years)
Senior Online Marketing Specialist (4 months)
Demand Generation Team Leader

In October 2015 I joined newly created Growth team at Netguru. In the first 3 years we grew from 3 to 14 people, increasing revenue from online channels by 700%. We continue to set new revenue records every year. I lead Demand Generation team responsible for managing our marketing automation (mainly Hubspot and Zapier), marketing operations, SEO, paid channels and analytics.

Some of our successes:

  • 800% revenue ROI of Google Ads
  • We can attribute revenue to particular campaigns and ads
  • We can attribute job applications and candidates to particular campaigns and ads
  • Lead generation and hand-off to sales team is mostly automated

I have described few of the solutions I created at Netguru here.