Godot XR Physical Movement Kit

Plugin for Godot 4 providing scripts and scenes for physics-based XR movement

This plugin for Godot 4 provides scripts and scenes for physics-based XR movement. Player hands collide with environment and can grab or push physics object in realistic manner. Player body can collide with physics objects and be moved around in space.


  • Physical hand follows controller and can be blocked by world objects
  • Players can grab and move objects
    • Heavy objects are harder to move
    • Grabbing heavy objects with two hands makes them easier to move
    • Fingers curl around grabbed objects geometry
  • Players can move themselves by pushing away from objects
    • Heavier objects allow for stronger push
  • Players can move in space with thrusters (button activated)
  • Players can hit objects with their head and push themselves away
  • Ghost hand appears when controller hand gets far from physical one
  • Body snap rotation
  • Body rotation around static object using hands (around Y axis)