Improve your B2B remarketing with content properties

Sep 1, 2020 | 6 minute read

Imagine Hans from Germany, manager in ABC GmbH, rising fintech SaaS startup. He is your potential customer as you already did some fintech SaaS work and even wrote a case study on that.

Hans visits your website and following pages:

  • Homepage (/)
  • Services (/services)
  • Case Studies (/case-studies)
  • Case Study: ACME Inc. (/case-studies/acme)

This is promising, he might be interested in your services (note that Hans is still anonymous visitor to you). You have remarketing campaigns setup for everyone who visits Services or Case Studies. You can even increase bids if any particular case study has been actually visited and read.

But what will you show to Hans? Only generic content as you didn’t send any detailed info to marketing platforms building your remarketing audience. Default setup of tracking scripts uses only URLs and titles of pages.

What if case study page had better tracking?

title:        "Case Study: ACME Inc."
path:         "/case-studies/acme"
type:         "SaaS"
industry:     "Fintech"
technologies: "Node.js, React"

These additional details are called content properties - and you can use them to laser-target your potential customers.

Now you can build small audience of people who visited Fintech SaaS content and - surprise - you have something special for them: 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Building Fintech SaaS. As a successful fintech SaaS builder you’re now sharing valuable expert knowledge.

What's worth mentioning here is that you should use content properties across all your content. Send blogpost category and topics to tracking tools, too.

Important: don’t just create a remarketing ad with link to article. Do a lead generation ad. You don’t need PDF ebook to collect emails. Exchange link to blogpost with name, email and company name. Is it pushy sales? Maybe. Hans could copy your title into Google search and access it directly, but his convenience is worth exchanging some data.

Now, here is where big mistakes happen - do not spam Hans with your sophisticated drip emails every 6 hours for the next 3 months. Stay quiet. No emails. You’ve just established your name as industry expert and you don’t want to destroy it with lame push to sales.

Hans gave you his company name - this is the time to reach every decision maker in ABC GmbH with your new awareness campaign:

  • Top fintech SaaS companies in Germany
  • Rising fintech stars in Germany
  • Europe’s most promising fintech SaaS

You do it with LinkedIn, targeting selected companies and positions. Remember - your customer is a company and you should target a company, not poor single lead who made a “mistake” of giving out his email.

You’ve got your foot in the door. What will you do next?

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