I have over 6 years of experience in B2B growth marketing, marketing operations and advanced analytics for modern tech companies

As a Growth Marketer I know how to design, execute and measure every stage of customer journey.

I am data driven and make decisions based on numbers, not opinions. I run experiments to challenge assumptions and prove what works and what doesn’t.

With advanced knowledge of data & analytics I measure what I need and value, not only what is provided by marketing tools.

I automate my work extensively. What I have done once continues to run by itself, enabling me to tackle more problems and effectively multiplying my output over time.

Some of the successes I have been important part of:

  • 3000% ROI from paid channels in education non-profit,
  • 800% ROAS from Google Ads,
  • 1120% increase in organic traffic,
  • fully automated leads hand-off from marketing to sales,
  • building 5 people Demand Generation & Marketing Ops team with no churn over 2 years,
  • and $400k to $3,25M monthly revenue increase over the course of 4 years in 600+ people software consultancy.

You can read more about me, my work and my writing.