Little things I made mostly to solve my own problems and needs

Data & Analytics Landscape

Curated list of categorised tools and companies


Node.js script to create GeoJSON file with grid of MGRS zones for EPSG:4326 (WGS 84) coordinate system

Marketing Automation in Ruby on Rails

This is a simple, proof of concept app created to show how marketing automation works from the tech side.

Hubspot Data & Content Backup

Quickly backup everything from your Hubspot account to hard drive for free

Hot Air Balloon Marker Drop Assist

Small Vue.js web app to assist in marker drops during hot air balloon competitions, designed to work on mobile phones.

Foto dla Bliskich

Proof of concept of Facebook Messenger App where you upload photos and they're being sent to your close ones as prints

Easy UTM Builder

Quickly create multiple UTM tagged links for one URL